JULY 10, 2024 – FIRE RISK LEVEL EXTREMELY HIGH. All recreational fires & discharge of fireworks & firearms are prohibited for Jefferson County, This prohibition INCLUDES: BURN PERMITS AND BURN PILES, FIREWORKS, DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS, CAMPFIRES AND CHARCOAL BBQ GRILLS. JEFFERSON COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OFFICE OF THE FIRE MARSHAL 621 Sheridan Street | Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-379-4461 | email: PCecere@co.jefferson.wa.us http://www.co.jefferson.wa.us For immediate release: 10 JULY 2024 The Jefferson County Fire Marshal and the Jefferson County Fire Chiefs are tasked with instilling safeguards against hazards to life, safety and property from the dangerous conditions associated with fire, protect citizens, firefighters, emergency responders and private property.
Due to current atmospheric and field conditions a DECLARATION OF HIGH FIRE HAZARD is in effect. The coordination of County Fire Chiefs and the County Fire Marshal agree that conditions warrant such a declaration. Several factors are at play in this decision including, but not limited to: input received from DNR, ORCCA, NWS and other State, Federal and local agencies.
Chapter 8.72 JCC (Ordinance No. 04-0617-24) and Chapter 8.75 JCC define HIGH FIRE HAZARD as "a period of hot, dry weather accompanied by low fuel moistures, where fires start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely and are difficult to control unless they are successfully attacked when the fires are small. It is during this period that wildland fires can be expected, and fire growth will be accelerated." During a declaration of a HIGH FIRE HAZARD: . Use of charcoal briquettes is prohibited, except for commercially made listed and labeled barbeque devices located and used at a residence. JCC 8.72.040(5)(c)(i). . Target shooting outside of gun ranges, and use of exploding targets or incendiary ammunition is prohibited. Hunting is allowed in open areas. JCC 8.72.040(5)(c)(i). . The discharge, manufacture, sale, storage, or transportation of fireworks is prohibited. JCC 8.75.040(2).
This declaration is in effect until atmospheric and field conditions fall to an acceptable level for a length of time to determine that the threat has lessened and that risk to citizens, property and first responders has subsided to acceptable levels.

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